Where Does Love Go When It Dies?

a true love storyDo you ever wonder about the things you’ve forgotten? Or contemplate something that at one time you possibly thought was very important, but now you can’t remember it at all?

What happens to all those thoughts about everyday things we considered and deemed important from days gone by? Important musings we mulled around inside our heads, thinking at the time that we would never forget them, or the event that spawned them. Now, of course, we don’t even recall thinking them, much less the experience that prompted them. From some forgotten point in our past, there surely exists what now seems like someone else’s lifetime that we never experienced at all. Continue reading Where Does Love Go When It Dies?

Dub’s Loss

Dub and DogDub used to be handsome. The eighty-year-old ex-horse trader knew some quality stories about the price of land, about grappling for catfish in hollow logs, about going out with married women.  He always drove a new Chevrolet truck. A lock of curly hair still brushes his forehead, falling forward softly, more gray now than black.  Not long ago, he wore his flannel shirt opened at the neck, the first two buttons undone to reveal curly chest hair and a couple of gold chains.  Now he keeps it buttoned all the way to the collar. Continue reading Dub’s Loss