April’s Fool?

aprils foolJackson, the superstar of Gayle’s hometown, was everyone’s James Dean, Buddy Holly, and Roy Orbison, rolled into one. He drove a ‘57 Chevy painted a shade of plum mist purple the locals had never seen in real time. He introduced drag racing, glamorized lethargy, and intrigued everyone with stories about his friendship with Elvis’ bodyguard. He excited them all, bringing a kind of agitated disturbance slightly out of sync and somewhat intimidating. A distraction from the Dairy Queen routine of their small town existence, he aroused suspicion in all the parents.

Jackson went out to West Texas in May of ‘61 with a seismograph crew that had come through town. He returned in the middle of August, much sooner than anyone expected. His unannounced homecoming, typical Jackson theatrics, did not surprise Gayle, his girlfriend’s sister. No, his unexpected return did not surprise anyone, but the news that he had come back married stunned them all. Continue reading April’s Fool?

Southern Hospitality

scary woodsJack relaxed for the first time in miles. A lonesome stretch of Texas highway lay behind and ahead of him, not another car in sight. Slowing down, he pulled the Mustang to the shoulder of the interstate and, as the engine idled, he casually rolled a joint. After a few minutes, he eased back onto the pavement, traveling at a more leisurely pace. He took another deep drag, held onto it, and then choked on the magic smoke. His rear view vision swarmed with flashing blue lights. Continue reading Southern Hospitality