When A Parent Dies

forget me notsIn Edward Klein’s book, Farewell, Jackie (Viking Penguin, 2004, page 191), he quotes JFK, Jr. upon the death of his mother.  The son remarked to a writer at George Magazine, “There is something liberating, as weird as that sounds, to being parentless. With that loss comes an odd sense of liberty. You find yourself making decisions. While your parents are alive, there is always unconditional support, but you always feel the need to please them.”

That statement causes me to consider the death of my own parents and that next-in-line final ordeal of life, my own demise.  And about this need we all have to please our parents, can there be complete freedom from the expectations?  Does death really liberate us from the child-parent relationship in the way JFK, Jr. expressed? Continue reading When A Parent Dies