Hello, Everyone.

I started this blog as a gathering place for all the writing I have done over the years, a library of such.  Also, will give me the space and outlet I need to remain creative.    I write poetry and short stories, and am working on a second novel. Actually working on two novels at the same time. BIG MISTAKE! May never get either finished, but am hopeful this blog will give me the discipline I need.

I published my first novel, The Velvet Bridge, in 2007. I have begun working on a sequel to it, but put it aside recently, to complete Choices, the other novel in progress.

Always appreciate feedback from  writers and readers, and others of like minds.  Your input is welcome and helpful! You can read a little about me here.

Anita Stubbs

union girls
Girls of the 50’s (Young ladies, we were). 🙂

Bet you can’t guess which one is me?