About Me

me 2012
I am in the autumn of my life, and feel the need to preserve some of what I have written in forms of poetry, short stories, and articles.  This blogs is the perfect place to publish my writings, which have accumulated over the years.   I have written one novel and am working on the second.

I live quietly with my husband of 57 years, as of this coming November, in Texas.  Some of my ancestors came to Texas prior to the Civil War, and other than the five or so years when we moved out of state, I have lived my life here.   Anything more you may wish to know about me can be found in my writings, as far as my values, my character, and my impressions of humanity — in as much and as far as I have experienced it, or imagined it.

TVB Cover
The Velvet Bridge $14.00


For a signed copy of my book, email me at anitastubbs8159@gmail.com


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