Autumn Is in The Air

I love autumn, it is my favorite time of year. That may be why I tend to set so many of my stories in that season, or have the really important events in the story take place at that time of year.  

At my age in life now, the autumn of my life as they say, where every day goes by faster than the one before, I have mellowed.  I think I have become winter’s pear.

That is the joy of it; I now know better than ever before what is important and what is not. Aware now of the swiftness of life, I realize how fleeting time is.

There are no more minutes to waste.

Excerpt from my book, The Velvet Bridge:

Texas in autumn, before Max, represented a paradox for Mattie, sad and exhilarating at once. Autumn’s the mellow time, the winter pear, she often said, borrowing the words from an English poet who so exactly described her own interpretation of the season. After Max, autumn had become a bridge, a transition between not only the two most contrasting seasons of the year but between the two divergent paths of her life.

It was a time for harvesting older memories, along with the more recent ones the last twelve months had offered. It was a time for thankfulness, for gathering loved ones, for preparation. It was a time for laying aside the past year, packing it away perhaps to be unfolded again for the relishing of touching moments and special events at a later time. For preserving that year’s life lessons so they could be called upon again when those ubiquitous moments of doubt or uncertainty require learned wisdom.

Published by

My House of Many Rooms

I am a private person, but need a place to publish my writings, which have accumulated over the years.   I am in the autumn of my life, and feel the need to preserve some of what I have written in forms of poetry, short stories, and articles.  I have written one novel and now am working on my second one. I live quietly with my husband of 57 years, as of this coming November, in Texas.  My ancestors first came to Texas prior to the Civil War.  Other than the five or so years when we moved out of state, I have lived my life here. Anything more you may wish to know about me, you can hopefully gather from my writings, as far as my values, my character, and my impressions of humanity -- in as much and as far as I have experienced it, or imagined it.

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